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Did you know that you can get an Innovation Voucher worth up to £5,000 to pay for an external expert to help your business grow? Innovation vouchers can be used for R&D into how your organisation can use 3D virtual worlds to enhance your business practices or deliver innovative and improved services to your clients. Innovation vouchers are awarded every three months by Innovate UK.

Other businesses have successfully been awarded vouchers to fund working with 3DNovations/Hao2 as the knowledge supplier and develop their own 3D virtual world environments for the delivery of services, training and innovative business collaboration.

To qualify for an Innovation Voucher you must:

  • be starting up or running a micro, small or medium-sized UK business
  • need help with something that's a real challenge for your business, not just a small improvement or change
  • have not worked with this knowledge supplier before

To find out more about how an innovation voucher could fund your 3DNovations or to sign up for a Skype demonstration, fill out your details below and we will get back to you.

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What our users have to say...

“Attending events can be a stressful experience but with a 3DNovations, you can create what ever context or place you need to help your users rapidly build their confidence and skills. Its a great tool for planning events, doing risk assessment and practising dealing with health and safety incidents.”

- Nicola Herbertson CEO -


What our users have to say...

“Making sure our health and social care staff have the skills and support is as critical as ever. Beacon Education Partnership have used an Innovation voucher and 3DNovations to work in an agile with our 3D developer so they can deliver high quality training and support in new ways across wide geographical areas in the UK and internationally.”


What our users have to say...

“With your help, we will build a bridge to virtual worlds for Xiao Feng and people like they can find ways to develop their interests and build their skills. The people here are able to give him the support and guidance he needs”

- Leigh Anne Russell - Founder Nestworks Shanghai China