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3D Cloud Collaborative Spaces

Use our 3D Cloud Collaborative Space Software to quickly and easily enable your users to collaborate, work and learn together in an agile and engaging way using 3D avatars (digital versions of themselves) in a themed 3D Cloud environment.

Our 3DNovations software enables you to create digital by design services that save your organisation money and improve access and quality especially for people with disabilities and complex conditions such as Autism.

Your 3D Cloud Collaborative Space package includes your choice of themed 3D starter content and online training resources for easy set up and use by your team and users.

Choose one of these themes to create the perfect immersive 3D environment and experiences for your users:

3D Campus 3D Council 3D Canvas
3D Clinic 3D Event 3D Data
3D Office 3D Collaborative Space 3D Internet of Things

To create your own bespoke 3D environment and experiences for your users, add on our 3D Cloud Training and Support service. This enables you to commission our team of expert designers and modellers to work with your remotely via your 3D environment in an agile and flexible way that saves time and money. We can also train your users how to create their own content.

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3D Cloud Consultancy Services

Our consultancy service enables your organisation to improve outcomes and save money using 3D cloud technologies where people are immersed into online virtual environments, interacting using avatars (digital versions of themselves).

We will work with you to understand 3D cloud technologies and the benefits for your organisation and clients, such as improved collaboration and user engagement, enabling you to develop digital by default, inclusive by design services.

Our comprehensive consultancy service is digital by default, uses an agile methodology and includes

  • thought leadership and expertise in cutting edge 3D cloud, virtual reality & associated digital technologies
  • multidisciplinary training for effective “3DNovation” to cloud business and service models
  • strategic, technical and creative insight and direction
  • experienced research and development capability

Our flexible approach provides you with the option to access our consultancy service face to face and / or remotely using our 3D Cloud Software as a Service environments and personal avatars.

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3D Cloud Training and Support

Our 3D Cloud Training and Support services are provided entirely digitally via our 3D Cloud Collaborative Spaces which users participate in using personal avatars in an agile and flexible way.

The training and support services we can offer ranges from one to one support and job coaching, to technical and skills training, consultancy and design. Contact us to find out more about the growing portfolio of 3D Cloud workshops, courses and content we offer with our partners via our 3DNovations 3D Cloud Collaborative Spaces.

Our team have a wide range of skills and experience including state of the art 21st century skills and we can deliver your training and support requirements to high standards via your own 3D Cloud Space . If you don’t have your own 3Dnovations 3D Cloud environment, sign up to our trial offer or an individual subscription to work , learn and collaborate online in 3D with us as we deliver your requirements.

Our 3D Cloud Training and Support services are a particularly engaging and effective way for delivering learning experiences in a flexible and cost effective way . It is an ideal way for people in remote locations or who struggle to access or have their needs met through traditional learning and development services. Optional accreditation of our training and support services is available via awarding bodies Institute of Leadership and Management, National Open College Network and City and Guilds on request – costs of certification are not included in our prices but are charged on at direct cost.

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3D Cloud Desktops

Use our 3D Cloud Desktops to access our 3D Cloud Spaces using a personalised avatar from any internet connected PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone or Head Mounted Display. Our 3DNovations 3D Cloud Desktop removes traditional barriers to using our 3D Cloud Spaces such as legacy or old computing devices or lack of graphics processing capability. It also makes it quick and easy for new users to get started using their personal avatar and 3D Cloud Spaces.

3D Cloud Desktops can be booked online for one or more 2 hour sessions and we offer discounts for bulk bookings, booking in advance and off peak sessions. Use of 3D Cloud Desktops is subject to users agreeing to our Appropriate Use Policy and participating in Health, Safety, Safeguarding and Internet Security training which is provided via our 3D Cloud Spaces as part of their first session. As well as providing instant access to our 3D Cloud Spaces, our 3D Cloud Desktop also provide easy access to free tools we offer users including our 3D Cloud Portfolio.

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