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Why we do what we do?

Did you know that, according to the National Autistic Society, 1 in 100 people are on the Autism Spectrum in the UK?

Many services within business' today use Learning and Training platforms that are not built for people with Autism and learning difficulties. Thankfully, there is a solution to this issue.

3DNovations are a multi-award-winning 3D Virtual Reality Immersive design Innovation and Social Good Lead Team which started over 10 years ago in the UK as

Who we are


Since 2010 have been working with people with Autism and special learning needs. From this grew a forward-thinking initiative, 3DNovations, a team of expert designers and developers with a key purpose. 'To unlock learners true personal and skills potential'. software developers and designers, 80% have Autism themselves, have been active researchers within the 3D world. Today, 3DNovations is now a leading European Social Good lead organisation with a unique set of expertise, research insights, and a 3D platform used in 3D or full Virtual Reality.


What we do


3DNovations is providing methods that are inclusive to everyone. The products and services 3DNovations offer, help other organisations and businesses to improve their design methodology and process and make them usable for people with Autism.

3DNovations solutions and design services are at the centre of the Future of Education in all educational environments. 3D Solutions provide a collaborative and proactive learning experience in higher education in any educational or training blended learning environment that leads to positive outcomes through connective experiences.


Our Awards


Consequently, 3DNovations is the Winner of Nominet Internet Awards 2012 CBI Most Innovative Business. They were also a finalist for the BBC Make It Digital - Ones to watch.

Our 3D platforms design approach, both 3DNovations and is seen as a 'thought leader' for its work, by embracing the full potential of 3D technologies. They are a Crown Commercial Supplier of 3D Cloud Services within the Digital Marketplace.




Nicola Herbertson, CEO & Founder of talks about why RRI is important for all businesses - especially in the games and tech industry - and how by using RRI business can help tackle social challenges in a positive and cost effective way.


Our Immersive Customer Workshops


3DNovations hold the key to a new era of 3D Inclusive and Immersive learning and training experiences, which welcome everyone. 3DNovations have led workshops with clients such as the University of the West of England, University College Dublin, and the UK National Autistic Society to help their learners re-imagine and realise new and better personal paths to learning and skills development.

Our Virtual Discovery Workshops are a great way to start your 3D Learning journey with us. Discover more...